Proper chiller  maintenance needs expert team of engineers and they  have to keep wisely prepared checklist to run the chiller smoothly.

Here are some of the chiller maintenance checklists HVAC services in Sharjah put forward to the chiller users.

Chiller Maintenance Checklists

Chiller service uae

HVAC contractors in Sharjah warns technicians to isolate the chiller unit from electrical supply before continuing the checks.

   1. Chiller compressor

  • The suction temperature and pressure 
  • The discharge temperature and pressure
  • Oil level and pressure
  • Current voltage and current levels                                                                         

 2. Chiller Evaporator                                                                                                               

  • Temperature and pressure of Air Inlet and Air Outlet
  • Refrigeration Inlet and Outlet Temperature
  • Insulation Condition                                                                                                 

 3. Chiller Condenser                                                                                                                   

  • Condenser coil condition
  • Air Intake and exhaust temperature
  • Inlet and Outlet refrigeration temperature
  • Fan motor currents, noise and vibration                                                                     

4. Refrigerant Leak Testing

5. Chiller Water Treatment

6. Chiller AMC

7. Chiller Log Book

Make sure only certified engineers are checking the chiller and they have to go through the chiller log keeping since the last check or commissioning.

Extended warranties and annual maintenance contract must be properly renewed to ensure best chiller maintenance service.

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