We forget to switch off the lights is a common routine happen in our homes. But we bother about it when there comes a huge amount of electricity bill.

In very large industries and organization energy conservation means saving a good amount from the unnecessary business expenses.

HVAC contractors in Dubai think that installing energy efficient chiller and cooling tower could be the perfect way to reduce energy wastage.

How New Chillers And Solar Upgrade Boost Energy conservation?

Energy efficient chillers reduce energy usage by 21 percent annually

  • Carbon emission is reduced by  more than 100 tonnes a year 
  • Solar PV Roof Tops  can saves around 31,000 Dollar from annual energy cost
  • More energy efficient technology in new chiller machines
  • Less maintenance and easy installation

Benefits of New Energy Efficient Chillers

HVAC contractors in uae

Reduced maintenance and greater energy efficiency are the biggest advantages of new chillers.

  • New digital electronic control enable HVAC contractors to integrate with different building automation systems
  • Higher efficiency cooling system
  • Low cost system for lighting, watering and heating
  • New generation chillers  are more energy efficient

The future of branding is marketing with people not at them, so for HVAC services in UAE the new scope of expansion is through marketing with the benefited customers of energy efficient and solar powered chiller systems.


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