The purpose of an FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) is to provide information on most common queries and doubts of people.

Now chiller FAQ is an important internet feature in the official webpage of most of the HVAC services in UAE.

 Top FAQs about Chillers

Here HVAC contractors in Dubai, answers to the  top FAQs regarding best chiller services and features.

How an HVAC  Chiller works? 

Chiller includes an evaporator drum, condenser drum, pumps, water pipes, compressor and a cooling tower. Chilled water moves through a space and removes the heat.

Warmed water returns to the evaporator drum and liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat by changing to vapour. Compressor increases the pressure and temperature of the vapour. 

Heat is rejected from the from the refrigerant to the condenser water which is then passed through the cooling tower.Vapour condenses to liquid and starts the cycle again.

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How Chiller efficiency is calculated?

HVAC chiller efficiency is calculated by the amount of power required to   generate one ton of cooling.

Best time to replace a chiller

Chillers over 10 years are often considered old and targeted for replacement or maintenance.

What type of gas is contained in  chiller? 

R410A, R407C, R134a, R404a, R717 are some of the refrigerant gases used in chiller.

What is COP in chiller?

COP stands for Coefficient of Performance, is a ratio of refrigeration effect produced by the chiller against the amount of electrical energy invested to the machine.

If you have more queries you can contact the best HVAC contractors in UAE and find exact solution to your chiller issues.

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