Efficiency of any work comes through  proper planning, disciplined operation practice, financial support, punctuality  and timely training to the team members. 

Like humans, machines also need proper care to expect maximum output. For heavy machinery units like HVAC chillers, there are many factors which affect the chiller efficiency.

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Top Factors Affecting Chiller Efficiency

The technical team handling chiller service in UAE, opinion that some of the top threats to chiller efficiency are the following 

  • Ignoring Timely Maintenance
  • Poor Operation Practice
  • Oversizing of Chiller Units
  • Less Importance to Cooling Towers
  • Avoiding Alternative chillers                                                                                         chiller amc in uae                                                                                                                                  Timely maintenance is very important for HVAC units, chiller amc in UAE will be the best solution to get easy chiller efficiency throughout the chiller lifespan.

For any big organisation or machine there will be  a standard operating procedure. When technicians follow poor operating practice it will affect the HVAC efficiency. 

Instead of blaming the climate or environment, following some standard procedures will bring out more efficiency.

Chiller efficiency drops rapidly with decreasing load. So proper size, predicting the future upgradation of  building is very important in chiller installation.

Cooling towers maintained at good running condition also increase chiller efficiency.  New technology chillers like natural gas driven centrifugal chillers allows customers to use alternative fuels when the electricity price is very high. 

Avoiding alternative chillers is a big mistake if we are focusing on  high chiller efficiency. 

HVAC contractors in Dubai, properly train their team members and upgrade themselves with new technologies to adapt with the customer demand for more energy efficient chiller service.

Get the best chiller for your purpose by keeping these factors in mind. 

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