Rotary compressors are used to supply compressed air for larger industrial application.

They are used in applications that have continuous air demand such as automated manufacturing units. 

The rotary compressor suppliers in Dubai provide , air compressors with best quality and better efficiency.

Benefits of Rotary Compressors

  1. Lower Temperature Operation
  2. Reduced Noise Output
  3. Run all day without wearing out critical components
  4. Cleaner Air
  5. Low cost of maintenance

Working Of Rotary Compressor

Rotary-screw compressors use two meshing helical screws, known as rotors, to compress the gas. In a dry-running rotary-screw compressor, timing gears ensure that the male and female rotors maintain precise alignment.

 In an oil-flooded rotary-screw compressor, lubricating oil bridges the space between the rotors, both providing a hydraulic seal and transferring mechanical energy between the driving and driven rotor.

 Gas enters at the suction side and moves through the threads as the screws rotate. The meshing rotors force the gas through the compressor, and the gas exits at the end of the screws.

The rotary screw compressor has low leakage levels and low parasitic losses . If you are in  need of rotary compressors get branded high quality products from rotary compressor suppliers in UAE.

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