Air curtains are used in many offices and buildings to maintain internal air quality and comfort of people. Here we discuss the benefits and application of using air curtains.

Benefits of Air curtains can be classified into four major groups based on their application. 

  1. Increased Safety
  2. Saving Energy
  3. Business Profitability
  4. Healthy and Hygienic atmosphere

Mostly air curtains in UAE are designed to meet the above mentioned advantages and customer satisfaction.

Benefits And Applications Of Air Curtains

  • Increase usable spaces on entrance
  • Increase the comfort of staff and customers
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emission and energy loss from conditioned spaces
  • Act as a barrier against fire smoke
  • Maintain adequate environment from pollution ,fumes and bad odour
  • Increase visibility and avoid collision at entrance

Selection of Air curtains can be based on various factors such as pressure inside and outside of the buildings, type of business, style and decoration of the premises.

Air curtains in UAE are installed by considering the door characteristics , ventilation and air conditioning of the building. For high quality air curtains choose the best air curtain companies in UAE.

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