Have you ever thought that the Increase in number of working women in the world got a direct connection to the growth of Chiller market?

According to recent studies, employed women increased their adoption of frozen food due to time constraints and ease of cooking. And these increasing trends  for frozen food facilitated demand for chiller among food processing industry.

Growth And Scope Of Chiller Industry

The Key market players in the chiller industry are Daikin, Johnson controls, Trane, Carrier etc. HVAC contractors in Dubai, have all these leading brands of chiller systems with their teams of installation and maintenance service.

Hospitals, Large retails, Offices,Theaters, Factories, Malls, Pharmaceuticals, Printing Industry and airports are the main customers of the commercial chillers.

Chiller Market Segmentation

  1. Screw chiller                                                                                                                 chiller repair dubai
  2. Scroll chiller                                                                                                                    chiller repair dubai
  3. Centrifugal chiller                                                                                                            chiller repair dubai
  4. Absorption chiller                                                                                                          chiller repair dubai
  5. Reciprocating chiller                                                                                                     chiller repair dubai

By geography America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle eastern countries in the world have a great scope for chiller industry. Among them HVAC services in UAE are well known for their quality products and satisfactory customer support.

Key Players in HVAC

  • Daikin Industries Ltd.
  • Johnson Controls
  • Trane Inc.
  • Carrier Corporation

Every day new products are arriving on chiller market with environment sustainable refrigerants to enhance market penetration. 

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