Freezers that are used in food preservation and other industries invariably have different freezing conditions and they work under different technologies. It requires a lot of thinking in fixing the right freezing equipment for the company as there are numerous products out there in the markets. It is always advisable to have a thorough knowledge of the different types of freezing technologies before leaping into the purchase and installation. You can also discuss your needs and requirements with the best HVAC services in Dubai and other parts of the world, they will indeed guide you through the different types and suggest the best technology that would serve you the best. Here is the list of all the variant types of freezing technologies:

  • Air Blast Freezer/Cold Storage Freezer: These are the best choice of freezers for the rooms that store still and unprocessed products for a longer period of time. This oldest type of refrigeration makes use of the still air or forced air present within the freezing room as their medium of cooling, thus has lowest investment costs. 
  • Cartoon Freezer/Box Freezer: These are mechanical freezers that sorts, transports and stores the products that are well packed within boxes. They are automatically transported into the freezer rooms and placed on the shelf racks, which are later unloaded after a long period of time. It requires very limited manpower, yet not applicable to all types of production houses.
  • Fluidised Bed Freezer/IQF Freezer: This type of freezer is based on the belt or perforated bed, upon which the products are placed and they receive strong vertical airflow passing from beneath the bed or belt. This is a very complex freezing technology as the products are not statically frozen, they facilitate a quick process, thus dehydration of the products is fairly minimized. They are mainly used in stores with unpacked and small products.
  • Immersion Freezer/Brine Freezer: This is a varied type of freezing method, where the products are immersed into a tank with cooled freezing medium. This is usually done, when the product requires a frozen layer or cover before placing for the longer freezing period in order to avoid dehydration.
  • Plate Freezer/Block Freezer: In here the products are usually placed in between two hollow plates with a refrigerant inside them. It is the most common contact freezer that is used for regular shaped common products, especially, in the preservation of seafood. 
  • Contact Belt Freezer: Most preferably used for the very soft products, as this method has a single belt or a double band on which the products are laid for freezing. This is used to create a thin freezing layer on the soft products such as egg yolks, soups etc.

In accordance with the requirements of the industry or production house, one can choose the best of the freezing methods that would offer optimal usage. The best chiller services in UAE and other countries are excellent in providing all necessary information and profound installation of the freezers according to the needs. Qualified specialists are always at their disposal for repairing and maintenance of the freezers. 

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