Air compressors are always at great demand at the manufacturing units for their optimum functioning and compatibility. One of the major reasons for its rising popularity is that this compressor system makes use of air as their resource without any external input. Upon your decision to purchase an air compressor for your unit there are several factors to be kept in mind, as there are different types of compressors that serve various purposes. Some of the important things to look out for includes:

  • The right size: Understand your requirements thoroughly at the first place and then choose the size. Sometimes small compressors would be a wastage of time or too big one would be a wastage of resources. 
  • Ensure enough airflow: As per standard laws, an air compressor’s air flow is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). When you make the purchase be certain that the CFM output is definitely greater than the CFM requirement of the unit, but lesser than the maximum CFM. 
  • Driving System: Pick the right drive system for the compressor; electric motor or gasoline engine. The selection will depend on your work environment. However electric motors are cheaper and require less maintenance, whereas gasoline engines offer increased portability. 
  • Size of Compressor tank: According to the nature of the usage, the right tank size must be selected. A small tank sufficient for quick and concentrated operation, whereas for sustained hours of work a larger one is best. 
  • Horsepower of the compressor: This decision usually runs parallel to the airflow (CFM) rate. Air compressors with high horsepower but only low CFM rate become hot in reduced service life. 
  • Choose the right control system: You must make a careful decision on the control systems like whether you require a start/stop system that can be switched on at your desire or a constant speed control that works continuously at a constant speed. 
  • Pick the right protection: If you are planning on keeping the compressor outdoors, it requires a steady protection against water and extreme temperatures. Cast-Iron protection is a great choice that ensures reliability and durability.

While looking for all these factors in air compressors you must never forget to look at the right company to choose from, because their years of service and production impacts a lot in the efficiency of the machine. There are efficient compressor overhauling services in UAE and other parts of the world that provide new and used compressors in Dubai and others for all your business requirements. 

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